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Original painting by a human being. 

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas  18 x 24 inches. 

Comes with a lots of love & artist's signature. 

Collection: "Beautiful Faces"


When my brain gets overstimulated by the information that surrounds me, often arriving even without permission, I find drawing always helps me go back into more calm state. 

In particular, a profile of woman wearing a headpiece and her hair in an extravagant way. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen her exactly, but something in me IS her, and it feels right to see her appear. 

With this artwork I wanted to explore the profile in color and movement of a brush rather than how she usually appears, from a pen. Creation of it helped me to relax my mind, as expected. 

When things get stressful and overwhelming, I encourage you to grab a pen and draw on paper. Or a brush. What do draw? Anything really, just lines or swirls are perfectly fine. 

I hope the method will help you to come into more peaceful place, the same way it did for me. 

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