Natasha Kudashkina  is a complete artist, equally comfortable on skin, canvas, screen and concrete. 

She has done commercial work, live painting, gallery shows, murals, videos and custom art. 

Her work is inspired by human and natural beauty, and is overflowing with fantastical imagery and the stuff of dreams. In her view, it is this space, and its hidden meanings, that unites all people. 

Her images are a portal into our mind's eye, and through it, the visceral world of emotions, thoughts, aspirations and hopes. Proving the world as a potential canvas, her art takes the familiar and transforms it into something fantastic, more alive. Her style is vibrant, colourful, and dynamic. From a deep commitment to art’s potential to soothe, enliven and heal, her themes are overwhelmingly positive. They focus on love, nature, beauty, community, the threads that tie the country she left and the one she found.

With a seemingly insatiable drive to create, she paints or draws every day, conjuring worlds vivid and new, where the standard rules of physics, shape and colour need not apply, where anything is possible. Natasha’s love for art has taken her around the globe, and she shares her passion for it with joy, happiness and pride.

For inquiries please contact: info@natashadesign.com

One look and you know, without a doubt, despite her ever changing styles, THAT is a Natasha Kudashkina. And that’s a near impossible feat. Love her stuff.

~ Laura O'Brien

A true artist and creative who is a beautiful person as well! 

~ Kele Ann

Over the years my husband and I have worked on a variety of creative endeavors with Natasha.  She has crafted album cover art, designs, and animated characters for our music projects and stories.   She has always been highly receptive to our needs and inclusive of our vision when rendering art for us.  She takes great care in bringing to life drawings and designs that are endowed with creative spirit and heartfelt meaning.  She is a remarkable artist and a beautiful human being.  We highly recommend and endorse her work as an artist.

~Danka Pigott & Oliver Pigott(Musicians & Storytellers)

Natasha Kudashkina is seriously talented! As an artist and painter, she's got an amazing eye for detail and a unique vision that comes to life in all her work. Whether she's creating custom paintings, sneakers or incredible murals, her art is always top-notch.

I was lucky enough to have her custom paint sneakers for me, and let me tell you, they are one-of-a-kind. The designs and colors are just so vibrant and the gold tips add the perfect touch of luxury. These sneakers aren't just for everyday wear, they're exclusive and truly special. I feel so lucky to have them in my collection.

And, of course, Natasha's skills extend farrrr beyond just sneakers. She's a master of creating stunning visual masterpieces, whether it's a mural or a large-scale painting. Her ability to bring her vision to life is just incredible, and it's always a joy to see her work in person.

If you're looking for a talented artist who can take your ideas and turn them into something truly special, then look no further than Natasha Kudashkina. She's a true visionary and I can't recommend her enough. Thanks again, Natasha, for just being such a beautiful creative genius!

~ Frame Five Media

I am so grateful to own, and to have gifted, several of Natasha's original paintings. Each one is special; a true offering from the heart. Much of Natasha's work embodies the spirit of our earth, and she is capable of guiding us towards the unknown through breathtaking colours and shapes. Her compassion and appreciation for our world is apparent, and something I greatly admire. 

~ Christina Ferrari

Natasha painted my chest at a convention. Everyone loved the pikachu she painted for me. She was very fast and did gorgeous work. I would highly recommend Natasha for any mural or body paint work that you may need. She has a unique way of painting that uses a bright, vibrant colour palette! She has a beautiful personality on top of her amazing talent. Perfect to hire for any event too!

~Meeshka Morthland

Natasha is a fountain of creativity! as well as extremely professional and time efficient. I have been body painted by her 5+ times! Each experience was amazing, she is careful, confident and considerate and always produces the most beautiful flows of color all the while making you feel super special. She is the only person I trust with bodypainting. 

~Kimberly Young

Natasha painted my entire body as The Universe! It was a very therapeutic and healing experience. I had one of the images blow up and printed on canvas. It hangs in my bedroom and reminds me to always be grateful

~ Fiona E M Thomson

I had a chance to work with Natasha when I worked for a circus company. Natasha did absolutely amazing body painting on me for a few gigs that we had together. She is very creative, gentle and absolutely amazing to work with. ~ Katia Kharlip 

Natasha truly captures the artistic beauty of life and showcases her work in such vibrant and brilliant colours! She is a talented artist and an amazing performer bringing her art to life. ~ Rami Mroueh

I've worked with Natasha over the years and she is by far the most talented artist I've encountered. The world needs more of her Visionary talents. I can't wait to work with her again! ~ Judy Duong

Natasha is a talented artist, but more than that, she is one of those people who puts a smile on your face just seeing how happy she is while in her element. She loves art, it flows out of her, whether it's designs, on objects or paint all over a person Natasha's art is truly decorative and unique! 

~ Matthew Genser

Natasha es una artista que juega con los colores, con las formas pero al mismo tiempo entiende bien la composición. Una artista que respira y transmite arte en cada pincelada.Amo su trabajo.

~ Pablo Ortega

I had my leg and arm painted along with a bunch of friends on Pride weekend one year. We got compliments everywhere we went! Everyone wanted to know who made our body art.

~ Cynthia Jacob

Natasha is a talented artist that I was first introduced to when I lived in Charlottetown PEI. Since moving back to Montreal, which gives me the opportunity to visit Toronto, I have been able to see many of her splendid works. She is a multitalented artist who knows no bounds. 

~ John Goedike

Natasha is a world class artist. The art is colourful, full of movement and playfulness. My senses light up whenever I am around Natasha and her beautiful art. 

~ FoxxyMissy 

You know when you know? I knew that Natasha could deliver on the artwork I requested. I was wrong, I didn't know. Her result absolutely blow my mind. 

~ Jason Alexander Hill

"Art is powerful. It is born from our imagination, and lives there. With that in mind, I only create kind and peaceful art, something that brings a good feeling to the viewer. My intent is to share more love, beauty and kindness into our world. " ~ Natasha Kudashkina


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