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Original painting by a human being. 

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas  40 x 30 inches. 

Comes with a lots of love & artist's signature. 

Collection: "Abstract Thoughts and Little People" 


Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our next rebirth. More generally, the word bardo refers to the gap or space we experience between any two states. The lesser-known bardos described in the traditional texts include the bardo of dreaming, the bardo of meditating, and even the bardo of this life—which is, after all, the intermediate state between birth and death.

We actually experience bardos throughout our day. When you finish reading this description and look up, there will be a moment of bardo, a tiny gap following the end of one activity and preceding the start of another. If you notice them, these bardos of everyday life are places of transformation.

Bardos are spaces of potential creativity and innovation, because they create breaks in our familiar routines and patterns. In that momentary space of freedom, the fresh perception of something new and awake may suddenly arise.

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